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It is that time of year again. All the leaves have made their solemn journey onto the frosted ground, echoing off light whisps and cracks as they float across the air, amidst the dark pale blue atmosphere. Before long, the bright white glimmers of snow gently descend like angels, blanketing the earth with a herald: the day of winter is finally upon us.

Okay okay fine. I'll stop with the prose. No, I promise, I'll stop. There's gotta be another way for me to express how special winter is. It's simply a season to bring out the attractiveness in all of us. Somehow, it makes the ladies cuter, the gentlemen sweeter, and the furries...furrier?

Don't ask me. Maybe these 31 artists below can offer you some proof. The members of Keenime (and some non-members) were given a task to show how warm and attractive winter can really be. They were allowed the freedom to celebrate their favorite holidays, like Christmas or New Year's, or just simply the season of winter. They were encouraged to express a wide range of moods and emotions. They were given a chance to show off their creativity and artistic skills.

So browse, take a gander, oogle at them...oogle a lot. It can't hurt. The worst thing they can do is hurl 8-pound balls of hard-packed ass-haulin' snow into your vincinity at speeds above 70mph. But don't let that discourage you. Once you've had your fill, go visit the artists' websites, and if you like their work, let them know. Also come over to the forums and share comments with everyone. If you're still in that winter spirit and want to contribute, by all means, contribute! Feel free to support us by linking to us. Finally, go around and tell all your friends and family that you love them. 'Cause that's a nice thing to do. No, that has nothing to do with us. Enjoy!

by kara dennison by bryan wong by susan s by susan s by kenzar2k by jg!

by danielle tatro by naru by noong yue by colby sollars and katie durham by lycorne shrop by d-boy and nate lee

by michael projop by sheldon chow by bernard wun by bernard wun by samurai bob by bryan wong

by yanagi-san by michael mark maquilan by ryan mcfarland by dom k by dom k by alex camelio

by uber_angel by a. twu by j by john joseco by hayley price (catrine) by hayley price (catrine)

by kenzar2k by dragonaur by bernard wun by green wiggly by ellen and kerry by bluebug

by capsule girl by lkm by candice and john


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